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Welcome to TROUT, NC on the web, the home page of Wayne and Cindy Clodfelter. We are publishers of TROUT, NC, a monthly newsletter about trout fishing in and around North Carolina. In it, we provide driving directions, identify access points, and include fishing reports, photographs, and occasional maps.

The hardest thing about trout fishing is finding out where to go. Relatively few streams are well known to most anglers. This is bad for the fisherman (and fisherwoman) because it leads to crowding on those streams. It is bad for the trout, as well, because it creates heavy fishing pressure.

By adding to the store of public information on public streams, we at TROUT, NC are working to make more streams readily accessible to more anglers, giving them greater opportunity to visit and explore more streams, where they can experience greater freedom and find more fishing enjoyment.

The information provided here is only a subset of the wealth of information we strive to provide in our printed newsletter. We trust you will find TROUT, NC on the web to be a valuable resource for your trout fishing. For those of you who fish North Carolina and adjacent states, a subscription to the printed newsletter, with its more detailed directions and descriptions of the streams and their accesses, should prove even more helpful. We encourage you to help support our efforts to bring you this information with your subscription to TROUT, NC. Thank you for visiting TROUT, NC on the web.

Photo album of streams in NC and adjacent states (usually tied to Stream Reports)

Stream Reports
- Reports on visits to streams in the region

Shops & Guides - Locations and contact information for fly shops, fishing guides, commercial fly tyers, and custom rod builders

Other www pages in North Carolina - a plethora of interests from the mountains to the coast

Regional FF pages - Web sites for fly shops, wildlife agencies, stream reports, and fishing info in other states

Subscription rates are $25 for 12 monthly isssues, $45 for two years. Back issues are available on a first-come basis. Subscribe for 1 or 2 years and tell us how many of your 12 or 24 issues you want to be back issues. You may request specific back issues; otherwise, the most recent back issues will be supplied. Back issues may also be purchased singly for the price of $3.00 each, including postage. Here is a list of back issues showing the streams covered in each issue. Orders will be filled with commercially printed issues if available; otherwise, orders will be filled with photocopies.

We also offer a list of nearly 600 trout streams that lie wholly or in part on NC Game Lands, and are, therefore, public trout waters in North Carolina. It is alphabetical by stream name, and shows the Game Land, county, classification (wild, hatchery supported, fly fishing only, etc), and page and grid coordinates in the NC DeLorme Atlas for each stream.
It is available as a printed list for $7.50. The printed list AND a floppy disk (3.5") containing the list in text-file format (for importing into your data base, spread sheet, or table in your word processing application) is priced at $10.00.

If you order the list and diskette, you MUST tell us which format you require (DOS, Windows, or Mac).

Mail your check, with name and mailing address (and required format for the diskette, if applicable) to TROUT, NC at the address below. Your phone number and email address are optional. We will use them to advise any mailing difficulties, ie, returned mail. Thank you.

Please feel free to contact us by email at If you wish to do so at this time, please take advantage of this email link to TROUT, NC.


From time to time, we will comment about certain books on fly fishing for trout, which we have read and believe to be unusually beneficial in providing keen insights or regional flavor. As a service to our visitors, we include a search engine link to books at Barnes & Noble's web site. Purchases that we or you make via this link will produce a small referral fee income that will help us defray our costs in providing this site for your edification. Thank you for using TROUT, NC on the web as your portal to Barnes and Noble dot com. Search Page


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